David Osborne

David Osborne

Qualifying in 1996, David has run this practice since 1999. He is the most senior lawyer in the firm and conducts serious cases in the crown court as well as providing advice to companies and individuals facing complex legal problems. He sits as a Recorder (part time judge) in the crown court.

David has a background in general crime and worked for many years as a duty solicitor, providing advice in the police station and representation in the magistrates’ court. He has advised clients in a wide array of cases including murder, gross negligence manslaughter, fraud, money laundering, fraudulent trading, MHRA prosecutions, duty evasion, drug conspiracies, breach of copyright, serious sexual offences, indecent images, serious violence, terrorism and driving cases resulting in death.

For the last ten years, David has practised almost exclusively as an advocate in the crown court. There he has been praised for his attention to detail and natural style with the jury. He has been described as having great ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple and attractive fashion. David has taught advocacy, both in the UK and abroad and provided training on money laundering, sexual offences and road traffic law.

David is increasingly retained in private cases by people who value his engaging and approachable style. He is said to provide great reassurance to those facing traumatic prosecutions.

“Excellent, thank you. Just how it should be done.”
Judge at the Old Bailey

“I cannot begin to express to you how grateful I am for what you’ve done, this has been the most difficult experience I’ve ever had to go through and hopefully the last. I truly know I would not have been able to do it without you. You are a remarkable man.”
Client, following acquittal in a rape trial

“This year has been traumatic but could have been drastic if it wasn’t for your help and understanding. Your work on my behalf exceeded anything that could have been reasonably expected, your understanding of my mental frailties exacerbated by the stress of the situation guided me through.”
Financial Regulation Client

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