Complex and Serious Crime

Whether you are charged with a conspiracy, fraud, trafficking, murder, rape, internet offence, importation, or the large scale supply of drugs or another serious or complicated crime, we have the criminal defence expertise.

We will ensure that the right team of criminal lawyers are engaged from the start. We will appoint:

  • A senior criminal defence lawyer to lead the litigation team
  • Other criminal defence lawyers and case workers to work under your lead lawyer
  • Experts
  • Investigators

We will instruct a leading criminal defence QC to head up your case if it is appropriate, and in all serious or complex charges your lead lawyer will have the experience to meet the challenges of your case.  Because we deal with large scale and complex cases on a regular basis, our team has built up a wealth of experience.  This also means that we have worked with senior advocates who have the requisite level of expertise and we know who to turn to in each particular case to maximise the chances of success.

It is also critical to get the right experts; serious and complex cases often turn on the expert or technical evidence.  We won’t simply instruct the first expert we find.  The Defence expert has to be able to effectively challenge the prosecution case or there is no point to their evidence.

Our criminal defence solicitors have extensive experience of working with experts of all kinds, including:

  • Mobile phone cell site analysis
  • Computer analysis
  • Firearms evidence
  • Forensic accountancy
  • CCTV analysis
  • Medical evidence
  • Psychiatric evidence
  • DNA analysis

Here are some examples of our recent work:

  • R v Bennett

    a conspiracy within organised crime to pervert the course of justice.

  • R v Graham

    “missing body” murder.

  • R v Flint

    £5m fraudulent trading case

  • R v Amin

    £1m (19 defendant) credit card banking fraud.

  • R v Richardson

    £1m heroin importation

  • R v West

    Fraud and money laundering

  • R v Asghar

    The UK’s largest copyright case.

  • R v Kabashi

    Assisting a terrorist offender.

  • R v Winter

    Gross negligence manslaughter.

  • R v Barclay

    Banking fraud.

  • R v Murphy

    Banking fraud.

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