Fraud And Business Crime

David Osborne recently represented the second of nineteen defendants facing a credit card banking fraud. The defendant could not read or speak English and by careful analysis of more than 15,000 pages of evidence it was possible to show that he had been duped by others. This vulnerable man was the only defendant acquitted in the first trial.

This case is just one of a series of complex and high profile matters the firm has undertaken over the last fifteen years. We remain on the list of firms entitled to undertake very high cost legal aid cases and we seek to provide the kind of service that reassures private and legal aid clients alike.

Complex fraud cases are unlike any other. The sheer volume of evidence demands a different and more methodical approach. The key is to analyse the evidence, identify key issues and present these in a way that is digestible for the lay client. We aim to present you with core evidence and explain its relevance in the context of your case. This is a collaborative approach where your involvement is appreciated and encouraged. By bringing our expertise to a team that includes you we aim to attack the prosecution case and advance yours.

You can expect a comprehensive case plan, updated as the case progresses. You will know the tasks being undertaken on your behalf and the timetable for completion. There will be regular meetings to discuss progress and to review tactics. In addition, we would want to involve you in the choice of junior and leading advocates. In all, a defence package we can be proud of and you can trust.

Here are some examples of our recent work:

  • R v A

    £1.2m Credit card banking fraud. Acquitted.

  • R v B

    Banking fraud. Minimal sentence secured.

  • R v M

    Banking fraud involving many defendants. Again, minimal sentence secured.

  • R v A

    £100K+ benefit fraud. Custody avoided.

  • R v A

    Largest ever copyright prosecution.

  • R v M

    Conspiracy to defraud the immigration system.

  • R v XY

    £5m Fraudulent Trading conspiracy

  • R v D

    Conspiracy to steal railway cabling. Custody avoided.

  • R v H

    £53m confiscation hearing following the Tonbridge robbery.

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