Sexual Offences

We recently represented a client accused of rape by his former girlfriend.  He denied the allegation but was subject to police bail for over six months before turning to Old Bailey Solicitors for representation in court.  Crucial evidence was obtained from our client’s mobile phone which had been seized by the police but not analysed.  Experienced counsel was instructed and through a number of case conferences we helped the client to prepare for trial.  He was unanimously acquitted by the jury and has put his life back on track.

More emotive and personal than any other allegation, if you are facing an allegation of a sexual nature, we promise to handle your case sensitively and confidentially.  We will never pre-judge you. We will simply assess the case against you and give you clear advice. Our criminal solicitors will fight your corner from the first stages of the investigation.

Old Bailey Solicitors has dealt with sexual allegations of all kinds. Some cases will involve a simple factual dispute whilst others require expert evidence, whether computer evidence in an internet pornography case, psychological evidence in an allegation of childhood abuse, or straightforward forensic evidence.  We will always look to challenge the prosecution case in accordance with your instructions.

Our senior advocates and the barristers we instruct have experience of handling witnesses over live video-links as nearly all complainants in sexual cases will be given the option to give their evidence in this way.

Rod Hayler and David Osborne have both enjoyed notable successes on behalf of clients facing serious sexual allegations in recent years.  Rod has saved many of his clients from prison where lengthy sentences seemed inevitable.  David has enjoyed a significant run of acquittals on behalf of clients falsely accused of rape or other sexual assaults.

We know that a conviction for a sexual offence can have life changing consequences for our clients and that even the most minor of allegations can result in stigma or a client being forced from their home, especially if they have children.  Social Services may become involved in many cases and if convicted, the Sex Offenders’ Register will become relevant, sometimes for life.  Also, the court will consider imposing a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) which may have a dramatic impact on a client’s ability to access the internet and to associate with certain members of their family.   At all stages we look to safeguard your interests and to defend your case robustly.

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