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What do I do if I have been caught in possession of illegal drugs?

From large importations to cases of personal possession, Old Bailey Solicitors have significant experience dealing with allegations relating to drugs. If you are under investigation or have been charged with an allegation relating to illegal drugs, contact us to discuss how we can help you.

How can we help?

How will Old Bailey Solicitors prepare my case?

The considerations in large drugs cases are similar to other serious or complicated criminal defence cases. The right criminal lawyers and the right experts must be brought in from the start. The case must be considered from every aspect, with particular awareness of co-defendants, and the likely positions they will take. Money laundering will often form part of the allegations.

In addition there will often be extensive police surveillance and evidence. We will bring our in depth understanding of surveillance operations to bear. Our criminal solicitors know how to ask the right questions of surveillance officers, both before and during trial, which will often bring surprisingly beneficial results to your case.

In small cases at the Magistrates’ Court, which can nonetheless have a significant impact on your life, we can offer fixed fees to help you limit the damage.

What should I do next?

Contact us for an initial consultation and find out how we can help you.

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