Fraud and Financial Crime

Fraud and Financial Crime

With a conveniently located head office in the City of London, our aim is to provide clients with a thorough and professional service which represents value for money. 

Complex fraud cases are unlike any other: The sheer volume of evidence demands a methodical approach. The key is to analyse the evidence, identify key issues and present these in a way that is capable of being understood by a jury. We take a collaborative approach where your involvement is appreciated and encouraged, attacking the prosecution case and advancing yours.

You can expect a comprehensive case plan updated as the case progresses, so you will know the tasks being undertaken on your behalf and the timetable for completion. There will be regular meetings to discuss progress and to review tactics. With offices in London, Sussex and Surrey, these meetings can be at a time and place convenient to you. 

How we can help:

Old Bailey Solicitors has considerable experience of advising on and tackling Restraint Orders (which prevent a suspect from disposing of assets while a case is investigated and/or prosecuted) and Confiscation Proceedings (where the prosecution seek to obtain the perceived benefit of any criminal wrongdoing).  See our news article here.


What should I do if I am being accused of a financial crime?

Request an appointment with a member of our experienced team. It doesn’t matter if you have already been interviewed by the police or have already received some legal advice, we will provide you with a considered and objective assessment of your case.  Contact us by email here or call 020 7846 4999.

If you’re unsure whether to apply for legal aid or fund your defence privately, read our article here

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