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What do I do if I am subject to an HMRC Tax investigation?

HMRC can investigate if they suspect tax to have been evaded or underpaid. The focus of their investigation may start with the relevant company, but can extend to directors, officers and persons with significant responsibility if HMRC seek to attach personal liability. If you or your company is subject to a civil or criminal HMRC investigation , contact a member of our team.

How we can help?

• Representation at tax tribunals (First Tier and Upper Tribunals)
• Director’s disqualification
• Excise cases
• Condemnation proceedings
• Code of Practice 8 Procedures and Contractual Disclosure Facilities (COP 8)
• Code of Practice 9 Procedures and Contractual Disclosure Facilities (COP 9)
• Criminal Finances Act and failing to prevent facilitation of tax evasion


What do I do if I am being prosecuted by HMRC?

Old Bailey Solicitors have 20-years of experience advising companies, individuals, sole traders and tax advisors in relation to tax-related offences. Our substantial criminal defence and litigation experience equips us to effectively deal with HMRC investigations and to litigate HMRC and FCA prosecutions. In all cases, we can negotiate with HMRC on your behalf with a view to avoiding or stopping a criminal investigation. In those cases where a satisfactory resolution is not possible and a criminal investigation cannot be downgraded to a civil one, our experienced team can advise and represent you at any interview and in any subsequent proceedings.

Old Bailey Solicitors has established working relationships with specialist tax law barristers for those cases where that is required.

How do I challenge a decision of HMRC?

If an unfair or unlawful decision has been taken by HMRC against you, Old Bailey Solicitors can assist you to challenge it. This may involve bringing a legal challenge in a tax tribunal against any of the following:

• Deregistration from VAT due to misuse of VAT number
• Notice to give a security for VAT
• Penalties for inaccurate taxpayer documentation
• Director’s personal liability notice

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