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  • Jibran Mirza

    Consultant Solicitor

Jibran joined Old Bailey Solicitors as a Consultant Solicitor in July 2019.

Jibran deals with all criminal matters and advises clients nationally and internationally. He has expertise in dealing with Serious Fraud and Serious Crime cases.

Jibran is very experienced at working with a broad range of white collar crimes, such as corporate fraud, mortgage fraud, boiler room fraud, Ponzi fraud, fraudulent trading, fraud by false representation, conspiracy to commit fraud and fraud by abuse of position.

Jibran is very tenacious and has a nationwide own client following. Jibran routinely attends the Magistrates Courts’ across Surrey, Sussex and Kent to represent defendants.

As a qualified Police Station Representative he routinely attends police stations throughout the UK representing clients in all manner of criminal matters from routine cases to larger, more complex matters, such as representing a suspect involved in a £2 million armed robbery from a UAE Embassy official.

Notable Cases

R v P and another – Croydon Crown Court – Importation of Class A drugs. Border force intercepted our client in the customs green channel. Client flew in from Brazil with her co-defendant. Overall, the police seized 4 suitcases from both of them which had 13 kg of cocaine. The co-defendant pleaded guilty. My client was acquitted after a 5-day trial.

R v P – Lewes Crown Court – Jibran represented a client who was stopped by police through intelligence that drug dealing was taking place. The client had Tramadol tablets and £1620 in his car and a drug line. The police raided his house and found 159 wraps of crack and heroin in his bedroom. After a 3-day trial at the Lewes Crown Court the client was acquitted of all charges.

R v M and another – Oxford Crown Court – Jibran represented a client facing 10 fraud allegations. Not guilty verdicts were entered in respect of all 10 allegations against the client.

Jibran was instructed by a FCA registered financial advisor who was charged with possession of drugs and was due to appear at the Croydon Magistrates Court. Jibran was instructed only a few weeks before the Court case. Jibran successfully made representations to the crown. The case was dismissed.

Jibran recently represented a high profile lawyer at the police station. The solicitor was arrested in relation to assault allegations. The solicitor was internationally recognised with numerous high profile clients of his own. As a result of Jibran’s assistance at the police station, the case was subsequently no further actioned.

Fraud cases

Jibran recently represented a client who is being investigated by the HMRC Fraud Investigation Service into the fraudulent evasion of excise duty where the value of the fraud is in the millions.

Jibran was personally instructed to deal with a £20 Million VAT Fraud being investigated by the HMRC Fraud investigation service. The investigation lasted almost 10 years. Jibran represented the client from the outset at the police station many years ago. The case was recently concluded with no further action being taken against the client.

Jibran has been personally instructed to represent a London based professional who is facing allegations of fraud by abuse of position and fraud by false representation of over £100,000 whilst working for a parent company of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

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We are ranked Band 1 (the highest band) by Chambers & Partners – a directory of the top performing law firms in the country – for our crime expertise in Brighton and the surrounding areas.

Notable Cases continued…

Corporate Fraud

  • R v B – Operation Aquamarine £40 Million Mortgage Fraud. – Case involving over 25,000 pages of evidence. Client case discontinued during the trial.
  • R v Y – Operation Perhaps – Multi Million Pound 13 handed Mortgage Fraud. Our client was an accountant and the only one acquitted.
  • R v R – Operation Stagecoach – Very High Cost Case. Boiler room fraud. Client accused of selling rear earth minerals for investment to customers around the world knowing that they did not represent a genuine investment.
  • R v S – £4.3 Million Ponzi fraud prosecuted by the CPS Central Fraud Group. Client was a registered FSA Financial advisor. The fraud was alleged to have spanned over 19 years. Client acquitted of 42 counts of fraudulent trading
  • R v S- currently representing a client under investigation concerning his suspected involvement in a large scale £20 million VAT fraud.
  • Benefit Fraud – Represented a client accused of benefit Fraud. Case was investigated by the Specialist Fraud Division. I represented the client right from the start. Case discontinued.
  • R v K and others- conspiracy to commit fraud being prosecuted by the serious economic crime unit and the volume fraud unit.
  • R v P – defended client charged with fraud by abuse of position of over £150,000.
  • R v B – client charged with fraud by false representation. Case discontinued on the first day of the trial at Croydon Crown Court.
  • R v L – Client charged with 3 counts of Fraud by False Representation. Legal argument was put forward in light of the new law on joint enterprise. Case dismissed.
  • R v S and M – client charged with Fraud by false representation, conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation and Burglary against an ex Russian MP.
  • R v F – Operation Battle – client accused of Fraud by False representation and converting criminal property.
  • Operation Tansu- currently representing 3 suspects in a multi million pound fraud.


  • R v M – Operation Zither- Client accused of committing a murder during a burglary.
  • R v K – High Profile Murder. Defended a client charged with the murder of an oil executive and conspiracy to commit fraud (client was acquitted of murder following a trial at the Old Bailey).
  • R v A – Murder – client accused of murdering a Coral employee.

Serious Crime

  • Operation Carter – Leicester Crown Court – 51 defendant conspiracy to supply multi-kilo Cocaine and Heroin across the UK. Investigation conducted by East Midlands Special Operations Unit and centres around the recovery of encrypted chat messages from the EncroChat server. The Crown asserted that my client was selling in excess of 11 Kilos of drugs. We challenged this and the Crown conceded at a lower figure of 4kilos of drugs. The Crown placed the client as a leading role Category 1. Sentence starting point is 14 years custody after a plea. Our client received 9 years and 6 months.
  • Operation Eternal – R v S – called the most significant operation the MET has ever launched against serious and organised crime. Encrochat aka Encro phone was hacked by the police. More than 100 people were charged in the London area. My client was stopped by police and had 10kg’s of Cocaine. The starting point was 10 year’s imprisonment. My client received 5 years 7 months at the Harrow Crown Court.
  • Operation Override – R v U – client had 92 bags of drugs and was charged for possession with intent to supply drugs. I managed to secure a plea to possession of drugs only at the Lewes Crown Court.
  • R v P- Client was selling Crack Cocaine and Heroin. Client admitted the offence. I advanced a defence under the Modern Slavery Act. Case discontinued during Court proceedings
  • R v F – conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs valued at £2 million and money laundering valued at over £ 2 million. Trial at the Old Bailey.
  • R v A – case at Manchester Crown Court –11 handed conspiracy to conceal drug trafficking monies by means of purchasing and selling properties. Case collapsed during trial.
  • R v J & J – represented two co-defendants charged with robbery. We persuaded the Crown to offer no evidence during the proceedings.
  • R v M and others– 4 defendants. Our client charged with Kidnapping, Blackmail, Robbery and False Imprisonment. Case discontinued during the trial.
  • R v H -Importation of Class A drugs. client was a female. It was argued that she was set up as a decoy for more drugs to be imported. I represented the client right from the start at Gatwick Custody Suite. Client was acquitted after a trial.
  • R v Q – Operation Elveden – Misconduct in public office. It was alleged that the client was selling confidential police material pertaining to high profile cases to journalists.
  • R v A and others – Operation Roscommon – Client charged with possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life x 2 and possession of silencers and ammunition.
  • R v A and others – Client and others accused of Kidnap and s18 GBH – Case prosecuted by the serious crime investigations team. Client acquitted after a trial.
  • R v M- client accused of selling controlled drugs in the Kent area. Client acquitted after a trial.
  • R v T- Senior Westminster University teacher accused of common assault. Case discontinued just before trial.
  • R v S- client accused of stealing a Mercedes. Client had searched the number plate of the stolen vehicle a night before the theft. Client was chased by the police in the stolen vehicle. Client acquitted after a trial at the Guildford Crown Court.

Sexual offence

  • R v H – Client was sentenced for multiple historic sexual offences. The Attorney General appealed the sentence on the grounds that it was unduly lenient. We managed to persuade the Court of Appeal not to increase the sentence.
  • R v SA – Client was accused of assault by penetration and sexual assault – Client had a 6-day trial at the Lewes Crown Court and was acquitted.
  • R v S – Client accused of historical sexual offences. Client acquitted of all offences after a trial.
  • R v J – Client and his co-defendant accused of raping the victim together. Client acquitted after a trial.
  • R v K- represented a client accused of a serious sexual offence x 2. Client acquitted after a trial.
  • R v A – represented a football agent accused of rape. Client acquitted after a trial. I represented him right from the start at the police station for his lengthy interviews.

He is exceptional. I will always use his services and always refer people to him. Jibran guided me from the beginning to the end during my case, his knowledge and most importantly his execution of his knowledge, in my case in particular, was highly encouraging for me as a client of his. Last but not least his professionalism was unparalleled when it came do dealing with all the parties involved. I would without a shadow of a doubt recommend him to any person / organisation searching for a high calibre lawyer. One of the main things that was appealing to me was his honest advice to me as a client and genuine concern for my situation. As a client this always gives you reassurance that your case is in good hands.

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