Meet the Team – David Jenner

Created on May 21, 2017

Meet the Team - David Jenner

This is the third in a series of posts designed to provide you with some information about the team at Old Bailey Solicitors, what they do and why they do it! 

Today its the turn of unflappable grandfather of the firm, David Jenner.  


What is your job title? 



How long have you been with Old Bailey Solicitors? 

10 ½ years 


What did you do before joining Old Bailey Solicitors? 

Royal Air Force; Barclays BankCripps Harries Hall Solicitors in Tunbridge Wells


What made you decide to work for a firm of criminal defence specialists? 

They were kind enough to offer a job to an old man

Describe your typical day at work 

General admin work.  I answer the phones and try to lend assistance wherever I can.  We receive a lot of calls from people looking for legal help that Old Bailey Solicitors cannot offer.  If its not a criminal defence problem, I will try to refer people on to someone who can help.  

I order all the stationary and deal with any issues that arise in relation to any of our three offices on a day to day basis.  

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I enjoy the contact I have with clients.  Many of them are particularly anxious when they contact us.  They will want to speak to the lawyer dealing with their case straight away and that isn’t always possible.  Whilst I cannot and do not offer legal advice, I will try to assess the situation and ensure that the really urgent cases receive urgent attention.  Sometimes, people just want to get something off their chest.  I have heard many interesting stories in this job and I feel like I know many of the regular names, even though I may never get to actually meet them.  


What do you find most challenging? 

Dealing with very upset people.  Clients in need of criminal lawyers are generally at a point of crisis.  Dealing with initial inquiries can often require a degree of patience on my part.  I am conscious of the fact that I am usually the first voice that clients will hear when they contact Old Bailey Solicitors so I always try to give a good impression of the firm to clients and other professionals who make contact with us.  


If you could implement one single change to the criminal justice system, what would it be? 

It seems to me that the majority of people who find themselves on the wrong side of the law are there because they have reached breaking point, in one way or another. Generally these people need help.  They don’t always need to be locked up.  This seems so obvious to me.  Sadly political parties don’t seem to think they can make the necessary changes to the system and still be elected.  

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