Meet the Team – Karen Brookes

Created on May 22, 2017

Meet the Team - Karen Brookes

This is the fourth in a series of posts designed to provide you with some information about the team at Old Bailey Solicitors, what they do and why they do it! 

Today its the turn of one of our senior solicitors and recently appointed Director, Karen Brookes


What is your job title? 

 I am a Solicitor and Director at Old Bailey Solicitors


How long have you been with Old Bailey Solicitors? 

I have worked at Old Bailey Solicitors for 4 years


What did you do before joining Old Bailey Solicitors? 

I qualified as a solicitor in 1998 and before joining Old Bailey Solicitors I headed up the criminal department at Sternberg Reed Solicitors and, prior to that, at TNT solicitors in London. 


What made you decide to become a criminal defence specialist? 

I particularly enjoyed advocacy and the arena of criminal defence as it is fast moving and ever changing. 


Describe your typical day at work 

There is no typical day, that is part of the excitement and reward of this job, being flexible at a moment’s notice is a must in order to help our clients at the time they need us most. 


What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I enjoy the challenges that each day brings, no two days are the same


What do you find most challenging? 

Clients come from opposite ends of the spectrum in life, no-one is beyond the law and I find representing people from all walks of life both challenging and rewarding. Everyone deserves our best, whatever the allegations against them. 


If you could implement one single change to the criminal justice system, what would it be? 

I would allow easier access for Defendants to the best criminal lawyers – “justice” is currently weighted in favour of the prosecution, who effectively have unlimited funds.

Karen Brookes

Karen Brookes

Karen has practised criminal law for more than 17 years, and manages a mix of work which includes litigating serious fraud and serious sexual offences, in particular those charged with historic offences and offences involving children.

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