OB Law is a Business Ambassador for the Sussex Cancer Fund Charity

Rod Hayler and Camilla Rents have both become Business Ambassadors for local charity the Sussex Cancer Fund.

History of Sussex Cancer Fund

Sussex Cancer Fund was established in 1981 to work with the NHS to create new and improved facilities providing the best possible cancer care for Sussex. The NHS is continuing to see budgets tightly squeezed and with evermore people being diagnosed with cancer there is an increasing need for the Sussex Cancer Fund to help bridge the gap, paying for vital equipment, improved services and funding research.

Why OB Law Chose the Sussex Cancer Fund to Support

A small relatively unknown charity, the Sussex Cancer Fund has been quietly supporting patients and cancer services in Sussex for four decades. In all that time they have worked so hard for such a small charity and being a little under the public radar, like many other charities, the COVID pandemic has hit them hard and they are now turning to the business community to help raise their profile.

UK Cancer Statistics

Cancer research acknowledges that 1 in 2 people in the UK born after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime. Females have the highest lifetime risk of breast, lung and bowel cancers. Males have the highest lifetime risk of prostate, lung and bowel cancers.

What is a Sussex Cancer Fun Ambassador?

Sussex Cancer Fund Ambassadors are professional individuals that support the charity in ways that fit into their everyday working life. They have often been affected by cancer personally or through a close relative, using their experience together with their business connections, to help spread the Sussex Cancer Fund message and raise essential funds.

Camilla said,

” I wanted to support Sussex Cancer Fund because cancer is something that has touched most people’s lives either personally or through friends and family. By being a Business Ambassador I am hoping to help spread the word on the work that the Sussex Cancer Fund does to enable them to help even more cancer patients in Sussex”.

Rod said,

“Almost everyone has some experience of cancer, whether that’s direct or through a family member or close friend.  We all live with the real risk that a cancer diagnosis might devastate our lives and so we all have a duty to ensure that those providing treatment and care have the best resources available to them.  The work that Sussex Cancer Fund does for cancer patients locally should be shouted from the rooftops and that’s why I am delighted to be a Business Ambassador”.

You can find out more about the Sussex Cancer Fund and their work by visiting their website www.sussexcancerfund.co.uk.