OBS client acquitted of marital rape claim

Created on October 21, 2017

OBS client acquitted of marital rape claim

Another high pressured case ends in the acquittal of an Old Bailey Solicitors client

The Crown Prosecution Service were forced to concede that their case was simply not strong enough to proceed this week at the Inner London Crown Court.  However, that decision was not made without considered and repeated representations being made on our client’s behalf.  It also followed the disclosure of additional “unused” evidence at the start of the trial which raised questions over the complainant’s motivation for making the claim.  Disclosure which was only forthcoming as a result of a carefully drafted Defence Statement.  

The client had been accused of rape by his estranged wife.  The allegation, which on any close analysis, was weak and apparently based on a desire for retribution, had been in existence for over a year and was only resolved when the case came for trial earlier this week.  

Rod Hayler had conduct of the case and Lewis Power QC was the trial advocate.  

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