Old Bailey Solicitors

Peer Review Result

Peer Review Result

Old Bailey Solicitors demonstrates a high level of competence and client care through the peer review process:

The report by an independent body includes the following comments:

“Clients were provided with correct and reasoned advice on what to do in police interview, with a variety of options employed as appropriate.”

“Where police had provided prepared typed disclosure, annotations made it clear that the representative had not settled for that and made further enquiries of the police before seeing the client in private consultation.”

“Attendance notes were often detailed.”

“Client letters following a first court hearing were detailed and informative. Clients were routinely and correctly advised on the strength of the prosecution evidence, including robust advice that the case against them appeared to be such that the client would “struggle at trial”. Where English was not the client’s language, letters and documents were translated.”

“Clients were advised of the credit they could expect to receive for an early plea of guilty.”

“Clients were advised on the likely venue for their trial.”

“Clients were written to regularly and kept informed of all important developments in their case.”

“On a number of files well-drafted bases of plea were presented to and accepted by the prosecution.”

“Final client letters included accurate advice on the terms of sentence.”

“All convicted clients were correctly advised on appealing against their sentence.”

“There was a good use of standard factsheets to inform clients of what may happen with their case at a particular stage.”

“There were examples of good results being secured in court, suggesting a high standard of advocacy and preparation and proactive conduct. The case of JH was notable for the result being achieved despite an uncooperative client.”

“Clients were provided with copies of prosecution disclosure in contested matters.”

“Instructions to experts and counsel were detailed and informative.”

“There was clear evidence of case analysis in contested matters by the Supplier. Many of those same cases exhibited thorough preparation by the trial advocate.”


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