Linda Macdonald

Linda Macdonald

Linda is a Chartered Legal Executive and has over 30 years of varied experience in the Criminal Justice System.  Linda has specialised in Criminal Defence since 1997 and qualified in 2003.

Linda is an Accredited Police Station Representative and a Commissioner of Oaths.

Linda has experience in dealing with all levels of crime including murder, manslaughter, sexual offences, serious fraud, kidnap, drugs importation, assault, burglary.   She undertakes Legally Aided cases and Private Client and has experience in dealing with vulnerable clients, clients with learning disabilities, mental health issues and young people.

Linda is calm and focused, highly motivated and enthusiastic lawyer, with a high record of successful outcomes for client's.  She is a thorough researcher and investigator and prides herself on preparing strong thorough defence cases.

Linda is patient and compassionate listener assisting client's in dealing with the stressful challenge of a court hearing.

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