Prison avoided for OBS client

Created on September 19, 2017

Prison avoided for OBS client

Rod Hayler, Old Bailey Solicitors’ Director and senior advocate, successfully avoided prison for one of his clients at Portsmouth Crown Court last week. 

The client had pleaded guilty to offences of a sexual nature and the sentencing guidelines suggested that an immediate prison sentence was all but inevitable. 

Having considered the prosecution evidence carefully, Rod drafted a basis of plea which avoided the most serious aspects of the allegations, he instructed a psychiatrist to carry out an assessment of the client and to provide a report for the court.  He also assisted the client to obtain letters from family and to draft one himself, for the judge’s attention.  

At court, Rod negotiated with the prosecutor to achieve a more favourable Sexual Harm Prevention Order for the client.  

Finally, Rod advanced mitigation before the court on the client’s behalf.  

The judge was persuaded to impose a suspended sentence and a programme of rehabilitation, which will allow the client to continue with his university degree and to avoid the stigma of a prison sentence.

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