Rob Beighton’s winning streak continues

Created on July 12, 2017

Rob Beighton's winning streak continues

Senior OBS advocate, Rob Beighton, has continued his hot streak in Magistrates’ Courts across the South East recently by winning all three of his trials last week.  

The hat-trick week follows a sustained period of success for Rob with not guilty verdicts and no evidence being offered in the vast majority of his recent cases.  

As any criminal lawyer will tell you, sustaining a run of form of this nature doesn’t happen by chance.  Rob prepares his cases meticulously and battles hard on his clients’ behalf.  He goes into every trial expecting to win it and, as recent evidence suggests, he generally does.  

Rob has been writing some articles about his day to day experiences in the Courts and Police Stations which you will find here: 


Robert Beighton

Robert Beighton

Rob is a higher courts advocate but his main practice is in the magistrates court, the youth court and at the police station where he has a wealth of experience in representing clients.

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