Complex and Serious Crime

Whether you are charged with a conspiracy, fraud, trafficking, murder, rape, internet offence, importation, or the large scale supply of drugs or another serious or complicated crime, we have the criminal defence expertise.

We will ensure that the right team of criminal lawyers are engaged from the start. We will appoint:

  • A senior criminal defence lawyer to lead the litigation team
  • Other criminal defence lawyers and case workers to work under your lead lawyer
  • Experts
  • Investigators

We will instruct a leading criminal defence QC to head up your case if it is appropriate, and in all serious or complex charges your lead lawyer will have the experience to meet the challenges of your case.  Because we deal with large scale and complex cases on a regular basis, our team has built up a wealth of experience.  This also means that we have worked with senior advocates who have the requisite level of expertise and we know who to turn to in each particular case to maximise the chances of success.

It is also critical to get the right experts; serious and complex cases often turn on the expert or technical evidence.  We won’t simply instruct the first expert we find.  The Defence expert has to be able to effectively challenge the prosecution case or there is no point to their evidence.

Our criminal defence solicitors have extensive experience of working with experts of all kinds, including:

  • Mobile phone cell site analysis
  • Computer analysis
  • Firearms evidence
  • Forensic accountancy
  • CCTV analysis
  • Medical evidence
  • Psychiatric evidence
  • DNA analysis

Here are some examples of our recent work:

  • R v Bennett

    a conspiracy within organised crime to pervert the course of justice.

  • R v Graham

    “missing body” murder.

  • R v Flint

    £5m fraudulent trading case

  • R v Amin

    £1m (19 defendant) credit card banking fraud.

  • R v Richardson

    £1m heroin importation

  • R v West

    Fraud and money laundering

  • R v Asghar

    The UK’s largest copyright case.

  • R v Kabashi

    Assisting a terrorist offender.

  • R v Winter

    Gross negligence manslaughter.

  • R v Barclay

    Banking fraud.

  • R v Murphy

    Banking fraud.

Criminal Defence for Serious and Complex Crime

At Old Bailey Solicitors we are all expert criminal defence lawyers. We routinely represent and successfully defend individuals charged with a multitude of different criminal offence.

Our lawyers are dedicated criminal solicitors ready to answer your call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you or a loved one has been arrested we can respond by either providing expert criminal law advice over the phone or we can attend at the police station to ensure your rights are protected and your defence is secured from the earliest stages of your case.

We are often able to ensure that a case does not proceed to charge and our criminal lawyers have many years of experience in negotiating with the police and crown prosecution service. Please call our emergency line if your enquiry is out of hours.

If you are charged and need to go to Court we will instruct expert criminal defence barristers or will represent you ourselves. Our in house lawyers are amongst the leading criminal defence advocates and have experience of defending cases all the way to the Court of Appeal and beyond.

We can represent you under the government’s legal aid system, or if legal aid is unavailable, we will be able to represent you at competitive private rates.

Our criminal defence lawyers can represent you if you are charged with serous violence offences such as murder, Grievous bodily harm (GBH) or wounding with intent, to lesser violence offences such as common assault.

Our criminal solicitors are frequently instructed to represent client accused of sexual offences including rape, sexual assault and possession of indecent or extreme images.

We also have a team of criminal defence experts who exclusively work on complex and serious criminal allegations. The typical type of complex and serious cases we are instructed in are large scale and high value drugs cases or serious and complex fraud. We have recently been instructed in a multi-national drugs conspiracy involving 20 defendants and also a 20 million pound fraudulent trading allegation.

Our criminal defence lawyers have significant experience of defending criminal confiscation proceedings and restraint orders issued under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA). Our criminal solicitors are also often instructed to issue proceedings at the High Court for Judicial Review of decisions by lower Courts or bodies (such as the police) or take appeals against conviction or sentence where clients were previously represented by other lawyers.

If you currently have a criminal solicitor, and are unhappy with their level of service, please contact us today to discuss transferring your representation to our firm. All calls are treated in the strictest of confidence.

Can we help you? Please contact us now.

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