Restraint Orders, Confiscation and Forfeiture (POCA)

If you have been convicted of a criminal offence, or in some circumstances even if you have not been, the Crown Prosecution Service may seek to confiscate money from you which they consider to be proceeds of crime. If you have been asked to complete a statement of financial information and the CPS are seeking to confiscate your assets you need legal advise from an expert Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) defence lawyer. You do not have to remain with the same solicitor who dealt with the defence of your criminal case, particularly if your lawyer does not have experience in defending confiscation proceedings.

At Old Bailey Solicitors we will work on your behalf so that you preserve as much of your funds as possible. In more complex cases we will instruct expert forensic accountants to assist in presenting a clear picture of your accounts.

In cases of complex fraud the evidence may stretch to many thousands of pages; we have extensive experience of managing and proactively defending such cases. We will often seek to create an active dialogue between us and the prosecution so that a favourable settlement can be reached without the need for lengthy Court proceedings. If however your case can not be settled out of Court we will aggressively fight to preserve your wealth.

We also have extensive experience of handling restraint orders. We know how restrictive the initial terms of a restraint order can be and we will act promptly so that you can have access to your funds quickly. We will apply to have the terms of your restraint order varied so that the maximum amount of your funds are made available to you or, if suitable, apply to have your restraint order discharged.

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