Tenant allowing Premises to be use as a Brothel or for Prostitution

It is an offence for a tenant to knowingly allow part or the whole of any premises to be used as a brothel.

A brothel may include places that are not used for the purpose of paid prostitution but includes places where a woman offers herself as a participant in physical acts of indecency for the sexual gratification of men and it is not necessary that payment takes place.

It is also an offence for a tenant to knowingly permit the whole or part of a premise to be used for the purposes of habitual prostitution. In contrast to the offence of keeping or managing a brothel, it is only necessary for one prostitute to work from the premise.

If a tenant is convicted of allowing premises to be used as a brothel then the landlord of those premises has increased powers of eviction over that tenant.

If the Landlord fails to exercise these extra powers or grants a new lease or licence to the tenant and the tenant repeats the offence, then the landlord will be culpable as a party to the offence unless he or she can show that they took reasonable steps to prevent the property being used as a brothel.

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