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Sexual Offences

Are you under investigation or facing prosecution for a sexual offence?

At Old Bailey Solicitors, we have a wide range of expertise and over 20 years of experience defending individuals against sexual offence allegations, from rape, to sexual assault, to cases involving images and children. With offices based in central London, Brighton and Horley in Surrey, we are conveniently located to represent clients across the South of England and beyond.

For fast, expert advice from criminal defence solicitors who specialise in sexual offences, please call our switchboard on 0207 846 4999.

Our sexual offence solicitors understand the devastating impact being accused of a sexual offence can have on your life. Not only is your liberty at risk, but you are most likely worried about the impact of the case on your friends, family, reputation and job. Many of our clients have never faced the criminal justice system before and have successful careers and personal interests they need to protect.

We will do everything possible to safeguard your legal rights and defend your freedom. We have been recognised by the national directory, Chambers & Partners, for our ability to handle our clients’ cases and reputational concerns expertly but discreetly. We have a strong track record of getting our clients released without charge or acquitted at trial for a breadth of offences, including sexual offences.

How our sexual offences solicitors can help?

Our specialist sexual offence solicitors can advise and support you at all stages of the criminal justice system, from arrest and police interview, through any criminal investigation, to hearings at the Magistrates Court or Crown Court.

Our expertise includes defending allegations of:

Bespoke advice, when you need it the most

Our team of criminal defence specialists achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

We can also assist clients in respect of amending or discharging Sexual Harm Prevention Orders, Notification Requirements and other orders made post-court proceedings. Our Managing Director, Rod Hayler, has a large practice of assisting clients in this area, with many notable successes in discharging and amending Sexual Harm Prevention Orders.

We are members of the Law Society Criminal Litigation Accreditation scheme for our high level of skills in this area. We have a strong track record of achieving positive outcomes for clients, including a considerably high number of clients being released with no further action being taken. We also have many notable successes in getting clients acquitted at trial, such as:


We are ranked Band 1 (the highest band) by Chambers & Partners – a directory of the top performing law firms in the country – for our crime expertise in Brighton and the surrounding areas.

Our team includes a range of qualified solicitors, court advocates, accredited police station representatives and other legal professionals. We also enjoy close links with a number of skilled barristers who we can instruct to represent you if required.

Expert team

Our team of specialist criminal defence solicitors are ranked Band 1 by Chambers & Partners and Legal 500, they understand that protecting you and your reputation is fundamentally important to your case.

Police station representation

You are entitled to free legal advice while at the police station.

If you are worried about being arrested or you have been invited to the police station for a voluntary interview under caution, get in touch straightaway. We highly recommend that you do not answer questions about an offence until we are by your side as anything you say could be used as evidence against you. Instead, ask to call us and we can provide legal representation.

Why choose our sexual offences solicitors?

Our firm is led by Rod Hayler, a solicitor with 20 years’ experience, particularly in defending clients accused of rape and other sexual offences. As well as highly reliable legal advice, we can deliver:

A diligent approach

Your liberty is on the line so we will stop at nothing to defend your legal rights and craft you the perfect defence strategy.

Your initial conversations with the police are critically important and we will be by your side the whole time. We can coach you before interviews and make representations to the police or Crown Prosecution Service against bringing charges. For many of our clients, the criminal investigation ends here, saving them the stress of being charged and proceeding to trial.

A high level of client care

Going through a criminal investigation is likely to be stressful. We recognise the trauma felt by many of our clients and we handle sexual offence cases discreetly with the aim of minimising the impact on your life as much as possible. That being said, we will always be open and honest about your prospects for success so you can make informed decisions about how you want your case to proceed.

We are also experienced at providing professional support to the spouses and partners of people who have been accused of a sexual offence as we know the wider impacts of an allegation can be extremely distressing.

One unique hallmark of our service is our ability to stand by your side throughout the proceedings. Our team is large enough to handle serious and complex criminal cases, yet small enough that you can get to know your defence lawyer and benefit from their personal expertise.

A fast, responsive and proactive service

There’s no reason for your case to drag on any longer than it needs to. We will take all possible steps to bring the criminal investigation to a close quickly. We will continually update you on the progress of any police investigation, following up regularly with police officers to keep you in the loop.

If your case reaches trial, we will undertake a rigorous examination of all the available evidence and raise challenges as to its credibility wherever feasible. We will always make sure all the evidence is provided to us so we can explore every avenue of defence open to you, giving us the best chance of achieving a positive outcome.


Old Bailey Solicitors have been exceptional in handling my case and making it as worry free as possible for me. Old Bailey Solicitors assisted me through every step of my case and went above and beyond expectations to achieve an outcome in the Crown Court which avoided a custodial sentence, for this I am very grateful.

Case dropped

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Sexual offence cases are more emotive and personal than any other type of allegation. We promise to handle your case sensitively, confidentially and pro-actively. We will never pre-judge you and we will assess the case against you, help you to gather the evidence to support your case and provide you with clear and honest advice. Old Bailey Solicitors have significant experience in successfully defending allegations of sexual offences and will fight your corner from the very first stages of the investigation.

Some cases will involve a simple factual dispute whilst others will require expert evidence: whether computer evidence in an internet pornography case, psychological evidence in an allegation of childhood abuse, or straightforward forensic evidence in a stranger rape case.  We will look to challenge the prosecution case in accordance with your instructions.

Old Bailey Solicitors have enjoyed notable successes on behalf of clients facing serious sexual allegations in recent years. Rod Hayler has saved many of his clients from prison where lengthy sentences seemed inevitable. We have also enjoyed a significant run of acquittals on behalf of clients falsely accused of rape or other sexual assaults. As one of our specialist, in-house trial advocates, Brian Aldred has secured against-the-odds acquittals in a number of difficult and tense rape cases.

We know that a conviction for a sexual offence can have life-changing consequences for our clients and that even the most minor of allegations can result in stigma or a client being forced from their home. Social Services may become involved in cases where children are at home and, if convicted, the Sex Offenders’ Register will become relevant, sometimes for life. Also, the court will consider imposing a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) which may have a dramatic impact on a client’s ability to access the internet and to associate with certain members of their family.  At all stages, we look to safeguard your interests and to defend your case robustly.

Contact one of our specialist team by giving us a call or emailing [email protected].

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At Old Bailey Solicitors we understand that rape cases are very rarely straightforward. The vast majority of allegations are made by a complainant who is known to the accused. Many cases involve married couples or people in long-term relationships. Others involve people who have only just met or historic allegations of incidents years ago.

If you have been accused of rape, specialist legal advice is essential at an early stage in the case. Old Bailey Solicitors will not shy away from asking difficult, and sometimes, uncomfortable questions. We know that it is your life and future on the line and we will defend your case vigorously.

Your case will be handled by one of our senior lawyers and we will instruct a trial advocate with a proven track record of experience and success in cases of this nature.  We understand that chances cannot be taken when you’re facing this kind of allegation which is why we aim to get it right the first time.

For specialist advice and assistance about allegations of rape, without delay, email us at [email protected].

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If you are facing investigation or charge for possession of indecent images of children, you should obtain specialist legal advice straight away. Whether you intend to contest the allegations or you are prepared to accept some wrongdoing, Old Bailey Solicitors will be able to assist you.

With the relentless growth of the internet over the last 20 years’ has emerged a form of offending which barely existed at the start of that period. The making (possession), distribution and production of indecent images of children, accessed online, has become far more prevalent than most people would imagine.  These cases often involve the police, acting on intelligence information, swooping on an alleged perpetrator’s home and seizing all of his internet devices (including laptops, tablets, phones, hard drives etc).  After a brief interview, the suspect can then spend months, often more than a year, waiting for their devices to be forensically examined.  If any unlawful images are found, charges will be brought and the case will proceed to the crown court, in almost all instances.  The consequences of a conviction will be profound but, with early, considered advice, a prison sentence is not always inevitable.

Rod Hayler has considerable experience in this area. Rod has been instructed to defend and to mitigate in countless cases involving indecent images of children across the country. For more information about these types of offences, see Rod’s article, “Indecent Images – 10 things you should know

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The Sexual Offences Act 2003 significantly updated the law in this area and it now provides for the majority of offences with a sexual element.  However, many cases of a historical nature are investigated by the police each year and these cases will often involve legislation passed in the 1950’s or earlier.

If you are facing allegations of a sexual nature, historical or otherwise, request an appointment with a member of our experienced team.  It doesn’t matter whether you have already been interviewed by the police or whether you have already received some legal advice.  We will provide you with a considered and objective assessment of your case and advise you how best to defend yourself.

Contact one of our specialist team by giving us a call or emailing [email protected].

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