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Testimonials: Our Client Feedback

"Mr Robert Beighton represented me recently. He was extremely professional and I had the best solicitor to fight my case. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Beighton and all at Old Bailey Solicitors. Many thanks for your excellent service."

Client of Robert Beighton

"I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for Jill Joyce's exceptional representation letter for my recent case. I am particularly grateful for the meticulous preparation of the crime representation letter, which undoubtedly played a significant role in the CPS's decision to discontinue the case before trial. Jill’s professionalism and commitment to securing the best possible outcome for me did not go unnoticed."

Client of Jill Joyce

"I really appreciate all the effort your team put into helping me manage this situation given my inexperience with the criminal justice system.  I strongly believe this will be my first and last such encounter with the police, but I would not hesitate to recommend your services to whoever that may need it, on a future date."

Client of Camilla Rents

"I would like to thank you for the care and consideration you showed him. He was understandably nervous and you put him at ease with your calm and relaxed tones. We both found you to be extremely knowledgeable and reassuring."

Client of Matthew Bishop

"A massive thank you to Rod Hayler. Rod and his team had kept me updated throughout my case. Highly recommend for any complex case and provided a positive outcome. Rod is very professional, gave no judgement and was very understanding. A1 service from beginning to the end. Thank you once again."

Client of Rod Hayler

"I just wanted to thank you for your guidance and support throughout this challenging time. The level of professionalism and attention to detail from you and your Barristers, has truly been a source of strength and reassurance for me and my family. I am truly blessed and grateful knowing that I have you and your team in my corner during this whole process. I am confident that with your continued support and expertise, we will be able to navigate through this legal process successfully."

Client of Camilla Rents

“Rod Hayler at Old Bailey Solicitors handled a sensitive case on behalf of our family. Rod was consummately professional in his handling of the case - and also courteous and supportive. He responded very promptly to all requests, and gave us complete confidence that our case was being managed to the highest standard. My family and I cannot recommend Rod highly enough."


"Mr Bishop, your level of professionalism is par excellence. Your preparation of my case was very thorough and methodical. I am deeply grateful for your service. I would also like to thank Ms Yvette Kresner for representing me at court and for securing a positive outcome."

Satisfied client

“NOT GUILTY....wow. You were awesome before and after verdict. No bias there! Hats off to the way you structured. It was lean, chasing the person at the right pace and great logical use to shake her lies. Thank you for your time."

Client - not guilty

“I would be grateful if you could please pass on our immeasurable gratitude and appreciation to Rod Hayler for his exceptional representation and support of [client] today. The highly professional, calm, thorough, hugely competent and generally excellent service Mr Hayler provided, was all the more impressive and appreciated  since he was given less than a day’s notice to prepare! Huge thank you to the outstanding team  at Old Bailey Solicitors for a brilliant job."


“I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the people involved in my case, you was so understanding and it all helped with how it turned out! Please pass on my thanks to Dan and Janice for representing me and there great work in court! Again thank you all."

Client released from prison

"Absolutely fantastic service. Upfront with the costs and no hidden charges. Rod was amazing , we couldn't have got through it without him, his knowledge and understanding of our situation was brilliant. We got the outcome we hoped for and this was down to Rod. Thank you so much, would definitely recommend Old Bailey Solicitors".

Satisfied client, August 2023

“I want to thank you for your blog post on 'Representing yourself in the Magistrates Court.' Yesterday, I found myself without representation, and your post was more than just informational; it gave me a sense of confidence and structure. Your guidance on how to present information to the magistrates was invaluable. Before reading your blog, I was daunted about representing myself, but your insights made me feel prepared and at ease. As a result, I turned a potential driving ban into a much more manageable outcome of 6 points and a fine - a testament to the practical advice you shared. Thank you once again for your invaluable help. I wish you all the best for the year ahead."

Reader of our blog

“I would like to thank Will for firstly his patience with me, also taking the time and effort to explain all the processes that I would be facing whether it be good or bad. Your support was greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend your excellent service."


"Absolute great firm, although nobody wants to have to be in a position where they need lawyers or solicitors, Mr Bishop and the Old Bailey Solicitors Team are phenomenal. Every step of the way I was kept in the loop with emails, phone calls and updates. I couldn't have asked for a better team. Also, a thank you to Mr Will Dennis for looking after us on such an important day. Highly recommend this quality firm".

Testimony from Mother of Youth Client

"Thank you, Matt Bishop. You handled my case with care and had my best interests at the forefront of your mind. You did everything I asked of you to your nearest convenience. You stayed in good communication and were very clear and concise.

I hope to never have to use your services again, but if I had to there’s no doubt I would come back to you within a heartbeat".

Client who avoided custody

“It’s no understatement to say that without the support and guidance of Rod and his team during my recent legal proceedings, I would not have been able to manage. It took just under two years to conclude, during which time I knew I could and indeed I did call upon Rod and team to not only ensure matters were in hand but to discuss all manner of concerns that arose as a result of the wait. I would recommend the services Old Bailey Solicitors provide and the specialist expertise Rod brought to my particular case, that helped draw the outcome it did."

Client who avoided prison

“I want to thank you Rod, and also Matt Bishop, for your assistance in this matter. The result of no further action is more than a relief for me and I appreciate how you both helped me at different stages. Thank you both again."

No further action taken against client

“Rod Hayler is one of the most professional lawyers I have ever dealt with. No stone was left unturned throughout the case and he followed through with everything he said he would do, without me needing to ask for updates, he would phone or email me as soon as he had news. Very happy with the final result and I can finally get on with my life, onward and upwards. Thank you again for your time and dedication. It was the best money I’ve ever spent."

Sister of acquitted client

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work, kindness and patience with regards to our case.  I’m not sure if you can comprehend the relief we as a family feel today. Thank you so very much."

A grateful mum, prison avoided for her son

"Tim helped us to keep the matter out of court with no conviction and we are getting the support that we need.  I would fully recommend Old Bailey Solicitors."

"Thank you so much for all your help with this. I could cry! I truly do not know how you deal with this day in day out!"

No further action taken by police

"Camilla and her team were absolutely fantastic from start to finish. From the initial contact, she was extremely reassuring, patient and understanding. Her expert advice was helpful throughout. During an extremely stressful time, Camilla and others at Old Bailey Solicitors kept me fully informed and with a successful result in the end."

No further action taken by Crown Prosecution Service

"I just wanted to thank you for your guidance and help in my case. This was so useful and I reached the outcome I wished for. This would not have been possible without your help as it was a technical discussion that requires criminal law knowledge. You prepared me so well by breaking down all the possible scenarios. I am very grateful and glad that our paths have crossed at the very last minute after more than one year and half wait."

No further action taken by police

"I am immensely grateful to Rod and his team. Rod is approachable, pragmatic, honest and it astonished me how many tiny details he knew about my case in such little time. I would definitely recommend them."

No further action taken by police

"I just wanted to thank you for your guidance and help in my case. This was so useful and I reached the outcome I wished for. This would not have been possible without your help as it was a technical discussion that requires criminal law knowledge. You prepared me so well by breaking down all the possible scenarios. I am very grateful and glad that our paths have crossed at the very last minute after more than one year and half wait."

No further action taken by police

"I couldn’t have asked for a better firm than Old Bailey Solicitors to defend me in the crown court. They went through my case with a fine-tooth comb and left no stone unturned, leading to a not guilty verdict.  The professional and emotional support I received from the team was second to none. I will recommend OBS for any matter and can assure the best outcome."

Acquitted client

"Jane, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for your support. You have been amazing. I have gone through all kinds of emotions during this situation. Talking to you has been the tonic I’ve needed… until speaking to you I’ve been angry with the system and don’t have too much belief in it.  Thank you for the time you have given me."

Current client

"I really wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help. I would not have hesitated to hire your firm to represent me in my case. Likewise, I will personally recommend my friends and family (should future needs arise) to work with a great firm such as yours, and one people can trust with very high standards. Once again, my sincere thanks…it was very much appreciated."

Case dropped

"Words are just not enough to express my gratitude towards your dedication, hard work, perseverance and attention to details, let alone your professionalism throughout my case at the Court today. You presented my case with compassion and you took time to listen to me and this means a lot and most importantly you believed my version of the facts."

Client of Rob Beighton

"Thank you very much for everything Camilla, you’ve been brilliant. I really appreciate it."

Crown persuaded to discontinue case

"I just want to say a big thank you for your kind and supportive help and advice – we both felt you were a large part of the process which led to as good an outcome as I think we could have hoped for."

Decision not to prosecute

"My daughter and I were really impressed with Tim’s calm, helpful and understanding nature and he put us at ease in an awful situation."

Police station client

"‘Well done that man’. You continue to get more intelligent proportionate sentencing than most by a long chalk. I am so glad I have you to refer to."

Psychotherapist who referred his client to Rod Hayler

"Camilla, this is excellent news and I believe that this success is a direct result of your hard work and your extensive knowledge of the legal system."

Financial adviser's case dropped

"The understanding and compassion shown by everyone at Old Bailey Solicitors was absolutely amazing. I truly will never be able to write or express my gratitude and thanks for every one of these wonderful people who helped me in my darkness hour."

Client who avoided prison

"Camilla, I would like to thank you formally for your support and advice during this stressful time, from the initial hearing through to the second and final hearing. In particular how you created a calming and supportive environment from the moment my son met you, which allowed him to engage and to tell his side of the story. My son felt at ease almost immediately which was a contrast to how he was leading up to the first hearing. I doubt whether the same outcome would have been achieved without your help and guidance, but even if the outcome was different I believe that my son was as prepared as best he could have been to face it, and that was down to you."

Parent of Camilla's client

"Please pass on my huge thanks to Lex for what a fantastic job she did. After 7 hours in custody it was so lovely to have someone with a friendly face and kind manner put my mind and emotions at ease. Lex went above and beyond what was required in order to help me. So a very warm heartfelt thanks to her and to your firm – an absolute credit to the criminal justice system. The help to me was invaluable. Thank you so, so much."

New client

"Tim, please can I thank you for support and attendance at the police station. It was most distressing and upsetting and I am so glad that I chose the option of having a solicitor present."

No further action

"You have given him back 18 months of his life. None of us will ever be able to thank you enough, Rod, for your determination and wonderful execution at the Appeal."

Successful Appeal Client

"I really wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help. I would not have hesitated to hire your firm to represent me in my case. Likewise, I will personally recommend my friends and family should the future need arise to work with a great firm as yours and one people can trust with very high standards. Once again, my sincere thanks… it was very much appreciated."

Contended client

"Just writing to express my thanks and appreciation for all your work. I am grateful to have been in the hands of an expert criminal defence team from Old Bailey Solicitors. I can now move forward with my life once again and hope for the best!"

Client who avoided prison

"I am extremely happy and elated with the service that was provided by Rod and the team, and would more than happily shout this from the rooftops if necessary."

Acquitted client

"Rod, thank you so incredibly much. I’m finding it hard to believe this nightmare is finally over. Thank you so much for all your quite brilliant support and advice."

Falsely accused client

"Just a note to thank you for your support today. I would have been completely lost without you."

Surgeon facing police investigation

"Old Bailey Solicitors have been exceptional in handling my case and making it as worry free as possible for me. OBS assisted me through every step of my case and went above and beyond expectations to achieve an outcome in the Crown Court which avoided a custodial sentence, for this I am very grateful."

First time offender

"I couldn’t thank you enough for all the help and support you’ve give me throughout this case, Camilla. I am so thankful and grateful for the outcome of this case, I couldn’t have gone through this without the support from you. Once again thank you so much I really appreciate the help."

Client who avoided custody

"Thank you so much. It has been an incredibly stressful time for us but your professionalism and guidance made the situation far more bearable. We knew we were ‘in good hands,’ from the moment I spoke to you and cannot tell you how grateful I am for that. You remained true to your words and because of your commitment to the case, we achieved the best possible outcome."

Charges withdrawn

"Camilla Rents was excellent throughout the whole engagement with OB Law. Not only was her legal knowledge exemplary, her calming and supportive manner that she showed to my son helped him get through this and minimised his anxiety and stress. Thank you so much Camilla."

Father of recently acquitted youth client

"Your assistance, leading to a successful outcome, has played a big part in my son’s recovery and we are very grateful."

Parents of one of Rod Hayler's clients

"You’re a winner Camilla – great stuff!"

Recent client

"You are absolutely the best. You worked tirelessly putting my case together. Jane, your care and concern was superb. Great result."

Recently acquitted client

"Camilla, I just wanted to thank you ever so much for the outstanding professional support you gave me and also for the calm and empathy that I felt and which helped a lot."

School head teacher - case dropped

"OBS were highly professional and supportive at a very difficult time. Rod Hayler provided rapid response to any queries."

Recent client

"Mr Aldred, I would like to say a big “Thank You” for supporting me during these false accusations which were made against me. I would like to inform you that i was recently informed that the case would be closed and no action would be taken. Once again, thank you for believing in me."

Recent client - no further action taken

"Thank you Rob…without your big effort, my sister wouldn’t have been acquitted, we really appreciated your help."

Sister of acquitted client

I just want to thank all of you at Old Bailey Solicitors. Your work with me has been above and beyond anything I have ever seen before in my life, and I cannot express my gratitude towards yourself, Robert Beighton and Joy. The three of you have not only helped me, but you have helped my family, and I will never forget that. Thank you again, so so much for everything Kelsey."


"I was lucky enough to get Rod Hayler as my duty solicitor. He was extremely professional and supportive through the whole journey and without doubt his knowledge and expertise helped me and my family through a difficult time."

First offence - prison avoided

"I was given Camilla Rent’s details as a referral and I am so glad I reached out to her! As someone who’s never been in trouble with the police before and had a serious allegation against me, I was honestly terrified of the outcome, but Camilla was a life saver. Not only did she support me every single step of the way, she also reassured me, educated me on the process and I am truly grateful for her. She is an incredible solicitor and with her help my case was closed with the best outcome possible. In the kindest way possible, I hope I never have to employ her services again - but I will be the first to recommend her to anyone looking for a top solicitor or to family and friends, thank you Camilla!"

Client of Camilla Rents

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