How to represent yourself in the Magistrates’ Court – Part 4 – Plea in Mitigation 1

Created on December 13, 2017

How to represent yourself in the Magistrates' Court - Part 4 - Plea in Mitigation 1

A little while ago we shared with you a post talking about our 6-part YouTube series on representing yourself in the Magistrates’ Court.

Here you can watch part 4 in which Rod Hayler explains what will happen in court if you decide to enter a guilty plea and some basic advice regarding a plea in mitigation.

Plea in mitigation – Part 1

View the video below.

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Rod Hayler

Rod Hayler

Rod has specialised in criminal defence work since 1998. He is a trial advocate of 17 years’ experience and, as a Higher Courts Advocate, he represents clients in Crown Courts and in the Court of Appeal.

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