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Created on April 06, 2017

How to represent yourself in the Magistrates' Court : YouTube Series

Here at Old Bailey Solicitors we want to create content that really helps you with whatever criminal related matters come your way.

So Rod Hayler has created 6 short videos covering How To Represent Yourself in the Magistrates’ Court.

We appreciate that not everyone is entitled to legal aid, and when that happens, sometimes it isn’t possible to afford a solicitor. When you are faced with having to potentially represent yourself in the Magistrates’ Court, we want you to feel comfortable doing so.

That isn’t to say that we don’t always recommend that you seek legal advice, we just appreciate that it isn’t always possible to do so.

In our 6 part series we covered:

1. The First Hearing 

2. Plea and Allocation of the Case

3. Entering a Plea to an “Either Way” offence

4. Plea in Mitigation – Part 1

5. Plea in Mitigation – Part 2

6. Pitfalls in Sentence

Do stay tuned for more videos in the future and if you need any assistance with a criminal matter, contact us to see if we can assist. You can see all of the ways we can help you on our Services page and you can Contact Us here.

Rod Hayler

Rod Hayler

Rod has specialised in criminal defence work since 1998. He is a trial advocate of 17 years’ experience and, as a Higher Courts Advocate, he represents clients in Crown Courts and in the Court of Appeal.

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