What does being Released Under Investigation (RUI’d) mean?

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Created on October 30, 2020

Being released under further investigation means exactly what it says on the tin: You have been released from the police station while the police continue to investigate.

You are not subject to bail or any bail conditions. You are not under any obligation to return to the police station on a specific date or time. The police investigation will continue and you will be notified of their decision when their investigation is complete.

A suspect may remain “under investigation” for a considerable period of time.  It is not uncommon for cases to remain live for twelve months’ or more before a charging decision is taken.  Being placed on bail involves a restriction of liberty in that conditions must be complied with and you must return to the police station on the date and time specified.  Being RUI’d does not, in itself, involve a restriction of liberty.  However, there can be repercussions at work if your employer is aware of the situation. Depending on the nature of the offence alleged and the nature of a person’s employment, some suspects may find themselves suspended from work for extended periods while their employer awaits the conclusion of the police investigation.

At the conclusion of their investigation the police may decide to take no further action against you.  Alternatively, the police may decide to prosecute you or to seek advice from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) regarding any appropriate charges.  If the police and the CPS do decide to prosecute, you will receive a requisition (charge sheet) through the post.  It may take a few weeks, possibly months or even years, before a decision is taken.  In the meantime, if we are instructed to represent you, we will make regular enquiries of the investigating officer and update you if we receive any news.


Rod Hayler

Rod Hayler

Rod has specialised in criminal defence work since 1998. He is a trial advocate of 17 years’ experience and, as a Higher Courts Advocate, he represents clients in Crown Courts and in the Court of Appeal.

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