Youth cleared of GBH and Arson offences

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Created on May 14, 2017

Youth cleared of GBH and Arson offences

No evidence offered in case of youth charged with GBH and Arson in the Magistrates’ Court 

Kim Evans of Old Bailey Solicitors instructed Shanthi Sivakumaran of Lamb Building to represent a 13 year old looked after child charged with GBH and Arson.


The case against the youth looked on the face of it strong, but his defence team had serious concerns that he had been wrongly accused. Thorough trial preparation work included instructing a psychiatrist and an Intermediary to assist the child with communicating his instructions, and witness evidence was obtained proving that he was not responsible for the offence as alleged. On the day of trial the complainant refused to attend court and the prosecution offered no evidence, dropping the case against our client.

Kim said “Despite asking the police to investigate the allegations more thoroughly, and for the CPS to review the prosecution case, our young and vulnerable client was forced to wait until the day of trial for the case to be dropped. He was fortunate that he had the support of a defence team who were willing to listen to him and take him seriously, despite his age and communication difficulties. Youths and especially looked after children are often disadvantaged in the Criminal Justice System and it is vital that they receive effective and proactive representation to prevent miscarriages of justice”.

Defending the vulnerable

All of the criminal defence lawyers at Old Bailey Solicitors are committed to achieving the best results for our clients.  Why?  Because if we won’t, who will?  When the might of the State is pointing its finger at a vulnerable individual and the odds appear stacked against them, we believe that someone should be on hand, with the knowledge and the expertise, to challenge the case and to obtain a fair and reasonable outcome. 

If you, or a family member or friend, need someone to fight your corner, make contact with Old Bailey Solicitors.  Our contact details can be found by clicking here

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