Criminal Defence Solicitors – defending sex cases

Created on April 10, 2018

Criminal Defence Solicitors - defending sex cases

Crime statistics often tell us different versions of the truth which makes it difficult to know what is really happening on our streets and inside our homes. However, one thing the statistics have been consistent in telling us in recent years is that sexual offences are before the courts in greater numbers than ever before.

The police and CPS are putting more and more resources into prosecuting sex cases and court time is being taken up with rape cases, sexual assault cases, underage sex cases, both historic and current, like never before.

It is a sad truth, and perhaps inevitable, that some of these allegations will be false.  We at Old Bailey Solicitors understand that allegations of this nature must be scrutinised with the utmost care and that not everything will be as it first seems.  Our next task is to demonstrate that fact to the jury.

Our Role

For our clients and their families, facing an accusation of rape or other sexual crime can be a horrendous experience. So, what is our role and how do we defend such cases?

Reactive and Proactive

We always start with a reactive approach. The complainant states they were drunk, our client states they were in fact sober. We entered the bedroom uninvited says one person, we were invited in, says our client, and so on.

We can build the start of a defence with this important work, but we do not have the benefit of the incident in question playing before us on a TV screen, with the truth revealed at the end.

We instead have only the competing versions, and it might feel as if it is simply one word against another, and often it is unless you seek further evidence.

It is a proactive approach to case preparation which makes a difference. We always ensure that:

  • All relevant witnesses traced.
  • Any CTTV evidence secured.
  • Forensic evidence analysed.
  • Background checks completed.
  • Details of false allegations pursued.

and even, as alluded to already in Liar, any psychiatric issues are explored.

We also understand the personal toll legal proceedings will take on you and your family, and offer a compassionate and reassuring voice at a time when the future may at times appear very dark.

Our Services

Old Bailey Solicitors has decades of experience in defending cases of this type. Before entrusting your case to anyone else come and meet us, get a feel for our work ethic, and ensure you are confident that you are receiving the best defence possible. You only get one chance to get this right, so the alternative is unthinkable. We offer private client services at affordable rates, and legal aid may be available. So, if you are arrested, interviewed or charged with any offence, call Rod Hayler on 020 7846 4999

to arrange an appointment, or contact him via our website here.
Rod Hayler

Rod Hayler

Rod has specialised in criminal defence work since 1998. He is a trial advocate of 17 years’ experience and, as a Higher Courts Advocate, he represents clients in Crown Courts and in the Court of Appeal.

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