Three clients avoid custody for images offences

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Created on May 03, 2017

Three clients avoid custody for images offences

Three clients, all represented in court by Old Bailey Solicitors’ Director, Rod Hayler, have avoided prison sentences in the past week having pleaded guilty to similar offences.  

The clients appeared at Crown Courts in Reading, Lewes and Hove, each charged with offences relating to the possession of indecent images.  

Each had entered guilty pleas in the Magistrates’ Court and had been sent to the Crown Court for sentence on the basis that the Magistrates’ powers of sentence were not sufficient.  As such, each client had been warned by the court to expect a prison sentence in excess of 12 months’.  However, in each case, the Crown Court judge was persuaded to impose a community based penalty, involving an intensive programme of rehabilitation, instead of an immediate prison sentence.  

Rod Hayler had argued that his clients had committed offences which were rooted in addictive and worrying behaviour and that only a course of treatment would serve to reduce the risk that they posed to society.  In each case, the client had no previous convictions and had otherwise lived a blameless lifestyle, each client was ashamed of their offending and were clearly motivated to comply with a treatment programme. 

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